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Colla Pink - BeastPink

Manufacturer: BeastPink
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Colla Pink is a unique beauty drink for women without sugars and fats, its main ingredient is a premium collagen. It is enriched with hyaluronic acid, grape seed extract, vitamins and minerals that make sure skin, nails and hair are beautifully nourished. This is simply a "must have" product in every woman's fitness and beauty equipment!

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Colla Pink – a unique beauty drink for women without fat and sugars containing premium collagen and unique ingredients that takes care of the beauty and health of every woman

Colla Pink is a unique beauty-free beverage without sugar and fat, made especially for women. Thanks to the matchless combination of premium collagen, hyaluronic acid, grape seed extract, vitamins and minerals, it will ensure that your skin, nails and hair are perfectly nourished. Vitamin C contributes to the proper formation of collagen and also takes care of the immune system. Colla Pink can be enjoyed in two irresistible flavours – Orange Mango and refreshing Strawberry lemonade. Thanks to its ultimate composition and no fat and sugar content, it is also suitable for dieting! This comprehensive beauty beverage cannot be missed in your beauty & fitness equipment!


Colla Pink - BeastPink


Colla Pink and its active ingredients

  • Collagen contributes to maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair. It cares about joint health.
  • Grape seed extract contributes to skin health and supports the immune system.
  • Vitamin B7 (biotin) contributes to maintaining healthy hair and skin.
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) helps to maintain healthy skin and reduce fatigue.
  • Vitamin C contributes to proper collagen production and influences the immune system.
  • Selenium contributes to maintaining healthy hair and skin.
  • Zinc - affects DNA synthesis and cell division, healing wounds and maintaining healthy skin. It also influences the metabolism of vitamin A.
  • Vitamin A - helps to maintain a healthy and solid skin.


What causes collagen deficiency? 

Lack of collagen leads to bone degradation, muscle weakness, decreased elasticity of the tendons and muscles, reduced friction in the joints. It also causes production of wrinkles and cellulite. Excellent solution is therefore supplementing collagen as it smooths small wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, lightens pigment spots, moisturizes dry skin, significantly improves hair quality and growth.


Colla Pink and its benefits

  • unique beauty drink for women with premium collagen content
  • matchless composition enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • contributes to maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair
  • influences the proper production of collagen
  • reduces fatigue and exhaustion
  • supports the immune system
  • influences wound healing
  • impact on the metabolism of vitamin A
  • available in delicious flavours



Mango-orange flavour: Hydrolysed collagen peptides, L-ascorbic acid, grape seed extract, hyaluronic acid, acid regulator: citric acid, malic acid, natural flavours: mango and orange, sucrose, dye: red beet, beta- carotene, zinc sulphate, niacin, riboflavin, retinol, sodium selenite, biotin.

Strawberry lemonade flavour: Hydrolysed collagen peptides, L-ascorbic acid, grape seed extract, hyaluronic acid, acid regulator: citric acid, malic acid, natural flavours: strawberry, lemon and mint, sucrose, dye: red beet, zinc sulphate, niacin, riboflavin, retinol, sodium selenite, biotin.



Put one scoop of the nutritional supplements into a 200-300 ml cup, pour with water and stir well. Drink it after complete dissolution. We recommend applying the dose one or two times a day.


Table of nutritional values

Nutritional Values1 dose (8 g)
Energy value107 kJ / 25,6 kcal
Fats0 g
 of which saturated fats0 g
Carbohydrates0 g
 of which sugars0 g
Proteins6,3 g
Salt0 g
Other ingredients1 dose (8 g)RI %
Hydrolysed RunCollg collagen6300 mg**
Vitamin C500 mg625 %
Grape seed extract400 mg**
Hyaluronic acid40 mg**
Vitamin B332 mg200 %
Zinc10 mg100 %
Vitamin B22,8 mg200 %
Vitamin A1 mg125 %
Selenium60 mcg109 %
Vitamin B750 mcg100 %

* Reference average adult income (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)



The product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Store in a dry place at temperatures up to 25 °C. Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women. Keep out of reach of small children. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use or storage. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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Colla Pink - BeastPink

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Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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Colla Pink - BeastPink

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