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Cashew Butter – Cinnamon Rolls is a delectable nut butter blend that combines roasted cashews, white chocolate, and cinnamon to create a flavour profile that's reminiscent of everyone's favourite sweet treat – cinnamon rolls. Not only does it have a rich, delicious taste, but it's also packed with healthy fats. Whether enjoyed on its own, mixed into porridge, spread on pancakes, or used as a topping for bread, this nut butter is a versatile and satisfying choice.

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Cashew Butter – Cinnamon Rolls – a flavoured nut butter that every lover of sweet treats will fall in love with

Cashew Butter – Cinnamon Rolls is a delightful nut butter that is sure to please all with a sweet tooth, no matter if young or old. It blends roasted cashew nuts, white chocolate, and cinnamon, which will instantly remind you of the flavour of a cinnamon roll, one of the most popular baked sweets. Plus, its creamy consistency makes it nearly impossible to resist indulging in just one spoonful.


Indulging in this nutty treat will not only give you a boost of energy, but also provide you with a healthy dose of unsaturated fats thanks to the cashew nuts. By using them to replace saturated fats in your diet, these healthy fats contribute to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, making this snack a guilt-free pleasure.


Cashew Butter – Cinnamon Rolls is a versatile topping that perfectly complements breakfast staples like porridge, pancakes, waffles, and yoghurt. However, it is also great as a healthier alternative to traditional sweet spreads and will taste great even on a toast or other baked goods. This creamy delight is also a great snack paired with fresh fruit, or can be used as an ingredient in the dough or creams for your favourite sweet baked goodies. And if you're not a fan of cooking, simply indulge in it with a spoonful whenever your sweet tooth calls.


Cashew Butter - Cinnamon Rolls - GymBeam


Cashew Butter – Cinnamon Rolls & its benefits

  • a nut butter made from roasted cashew nuts with white chocolate and cinnamon
  • has a sweet taste reminiscent of cinnamon rolls
  • contains healthy fats
  • has a creamy consistency
  • suitable as an addition to breakfast porridge, pancakes, or waffles
  • also suitable as a spread on any type of bakery goods
  • can be enjoyed straight out of the jar
  • a great fit into the dough of all dessert recipes



Roasted cashew nuts 75 %, white chocolate 20% [sugar, cocoa butter, powdered whole milk, dried whey, lactose, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, polyglycerol polyricinoleate), vanilla extract], cinnamon 5 %.


Nutrition facts

Nutrition 100 g *RDI per 100 g
Energy value 2311 kJ/ 552 kcal 27.5 %
Fat 42.2 g 60.3 %
- saturated fatty acids 10.4 g 52 %
Carbohydrates 35.1 g 13.5 %
- sugars 19.2 g 21.3 %
Fibre 2.5 g -
Protein 14.8 g 29.6 %
Salt 0.08 g 1.3 %

  *The recommended daily intake value of an average adult (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal).       



Mix well before use.

Instructions for storage: Store in a dry environment, out of sunlight at room temperature. Use within 4 months after opening.

Allergen information: Allergens are indicated in bold in the ingredients. May contain traces of peanuts.

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