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Onyx Weighted Skipping Rope is a practical sports accessory for diversifying your workout routine. It is ideal for stamina training. Thanks to the removable 160 g weights at the handles, you can also strengthen your wrists and forearms as you skip. Skipping rope is a great way to increase your calorie output, which is useful for weight loss. It is ideal for working out at home, outdoors, or in your local gym

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Onyx Weighted Skipping Rope is a practical training accessory for an intense stamina training  

Onyx Weighted Skipping Rope is an effective fitness tool the use of which can be added easily into your everyday training routine. It distinguishes from regular skipping ropes with its extra 160 g weights that increase the challenge of the exercise. These weights are intended to help you strengthen your wrists and forearms as you skip. They can be removed from the handles anytime, allowing you to regulate the desired intensity of the exercise.


The skipping rope is 3 m long and comes with an adjustable PVC coated steel cord that can be easily shortened or lengthened according to your needs. The handles are equipped with steel ball bearings that ensure the cord rotates smoothly and rapidly, without any distracting obstructions, meaning you won't have to worry about it getting caught up on itself. It can also easily withstand high speed performance. What's more, the non-slip coating on the handles ensures your grip stays firm and comfortable. 


Onyx Weighted Skipping Rope is perfect for cardio training as well as HIIT. Furthermore, skipping rope is a great warm up before strength training, can boost your calorie expenditure, which is particularly handy for weight loss, and can even improve your stamina. With this rope, your training routine will gain a new dimension.


Another great advantage of skipping rope is that this exercise is not time-consuming, meaning you can easily do it even when your time for working out is limited. You can use the rope at home, out in your garden or local park, a workout playground, or even the gym you visit. Onyx Skipping Rope is perfect for both beginners and advanced athletes. It will help you improve your performance and strengthen your wrists and forearms, which can be useful when doing deadlifts or horizontal bar push-ups. 


Onyx Weighted Skipping Rope & its advantages

  • a specially designed skipping rope with added weight
  • the handles come equipped with removable 160 g weights
  • PVC coated steel cord
  • 3 metres long
  • non-slip surface coating on the handles
  • the cord doesn't get tangled thanks to steel ball bearings in the handles
  • helps strengthen wrists and forearms
  • ideal for improving your stamina
  • suitable for pre-workout muscle warm-up
  • suitable for cardio training or HIIT
  • ideal for working out at home, outdoors or at the gym
  • useful for athletes of all kinds
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