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Mega Arginine promotes the increase in nitric oxide levels, widens blood vessels, and thereby enhances durability and endurance. This also brings nutrients faster to the muscles, delaying fatigue and strengthening muscle regeneration. Arginine can accelerate the process of healing small muscle injuries and contribute to the increase in GH. It provides up to 1300 mg of arginine in one capsule.

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Mega Arginine - an arginine-charged supplement that boosts nitric oxide levels, promotes GH production and improves recovery

Mega Arginine is an arginine supplement that promotes the increase in nitric oxide, thereby widening the blood vessels and thereby increasing the oxygen that flows into the heart and muscles, which also improves erection. Athletes use arginine to increase blood flow. More nutrients get into the trained muscles, and substances that cause tiredness will float up to achieve better results and recovery. Arginine can accelerate the process of healing small muscle injuries and contribute to the increase in GH and promote the effects and sensitivity of insulin.


Mega Arginine - Scitec Nutrition

Arginine, as a nitric oxide (NO) precursor, extends veins and causes excessive blood circulation to the muscles, enhances venosity, has a beneficial effect on oxygenation of the heart muscle and other muscle tissues. Improving blood flow leads to increased athletes' endurance and durability. By improving blood circulation, nutrients get into the processed muscles faster and more efficiently. This will delay fatigue and strengthen muscle regeneration. The use of arginine is very popular in the circle of athletes and bodybuilders.


Mega Arginine - Scitec Nutrition


Mega Arginine and its benefits

  • provides up to 1300 mg of arginine per capsule
  • increases nitric oxide (NO)
  • strengthens sexual stamina
  • supports the formation of GH
  • improves regeneration and healing



L-Arginine HCl, bovine gelatine, anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate), dyes (titanium dioxide, black iron oxide, E151).



Take 1 capsule daily 30 minutes before training.


Table of nutritional values

Nutritional values1 dose (1 capsule)
L-Arginine HCl 1300 mg


Allergen information: Produced in facility, which processes milk, soy, egg whites, gluten and peanuts.

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