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Core Sliders are innovative fitness equipment to tune up and strengthen the whole body. The upper side of the core sliders is made of soft foam, which ensures comfort, and the lower side is made of a low friction pad that slides perfectly

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Core Sliders - work out and tune up the whole body by using innovative fitness equipment 

Core Sliders are great fitness equipment, that are used to tune up and strengthen the whole body from abs, shoulders, back up to butt and legs. The principle of the workout with core sliders is moving arms and legs on the floor, with the core sliders creating resistance to the floor. Depending on the position of the body, individual muscle parts are trained. The upper side of the sliders made of comfortable soft foam ensures comfort during the workout. The lower side made of ABS low friction plastic ensures sliding on almost every surface. The diameter of one core slider is 18 cm and the package consists of two pieces of core sliders.


Core Sliders - GymBeam


Core Sliders & its benefits

  • innovative and practical fitness tool
  • have a diameter of 18 cm
  • made from soft and comfortable material for easy use
  • suitable for a full-body workout
  • sliding creates resistance which adds extra challenge during an exercise 
  • suitable for home and gym






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Core slider 18 cm
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