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Liquid Chalk is a practical liquid form of magnesium that serves as an alternative to regular gym chalk. Its great advantage is that it does not produce dust particles and leaves no stains on the surface of weights and other equipment. The primary purpose of Liquid Chalk is to enhance your grip and provide you with a safe and secure workout. It excels in absorbing sweat and moisture, ensuring a firm grip throughout the entire workout session.  

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Liquid Chalk – designed to secure your grip and prevent exercise equipment from slipping during your workout 

Liquid Chalk is used to improve and strengthen your grip, allowing for intense yet safe workouts. Its key feature is its excellent moisture- and sweat-absorbing properties, which create friction between your fingers for a strong and reliable grip. Unlike the classic gym chalk, it doesn't produce dust when used and won't stain exercise equipment. Barbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, climbing walls, and other fitness gear will therefore remain cleaner compared to regular powdered magnesium. All this makes Liquid Chalk an exceptional companion not only for strength athletes and CrossFitters, but also for climbers and gymnasts. 


If you prioritize the safe execution of exercises during your workouts and want to avoid the risk of equipment slipping from your hands, then Liquid Chalk should be an essential part of your gym equipment.  


Liquid Chalk & its benefits 

  • a great alternative to regular gym chalk 
  • does not leave dust on exercise equipment 
  • helps achieve a firmer grip 
  • absorbs moisture 
  • ideal for strength athletes, climbers, and gymnasts 
  • used when exercising with dumbbells, kettlebells and other weights 
  • also useful for climbing wall trainings or when using gymnastics equipment 



Alcohol, magnesium, carbonate, thickener, and scent. 


How to use Liquid Chalk? 

Apply the liquid chalk to your hands or feet. After use, simply wash it off with soap and water.

Do not ingest. Before the first use, it's recommended to apply a small amount of the product to your skin to ensure you don't have any adverse reactions. Do not apply to dry or cracked skin. 

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