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Press Wrist Wraps are maximally durable wrist bandages. They effectively protect and strengthen wrists during heavy-weight training. At the same time, they will strengthen your grip and prevent injuries. The maximum comfort, adaptability, and durability are guaranteed by the combination of cotton and rubber from which the bandages are made. The wraps are fastened with Velcro.

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Press Wrist Wraps - maximum durable cotton and rubber bandages to protect the wrists and strengthen the grip

Press Wrist Wraps are durable bandages that effectively protect and strengthen the wrists during heavy-weight training. They also help strengthen the grip and prevent injuries. At the same time, they reduce the pressure that is on the wrists during training. They are made from a combination of quality cotton and rubber, which ensures maximum comfort, adaptability, and durability. At the same time, this material takes away the sweat perfectly. You can easily fasten the wraps with Velcro. The package contains 2 pieces of bandages measuring 48 x 8 cm.


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Press Wrist Wraps & their benefits

  • effective fitness aid
  • made from durable material
  • equipped with Velcro fasteners
  • comfortable and flexible
  • effectively wick away sweat
  • help protect and strengthen the wrist joints
  • suitable for strength training
  • two pieces in the package          



Cotton + rubber

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