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Lifting Straps Strongman Powerstrap are extremely durable and robust straps made of 2 layers of leather reinforced with nylon. Straps maintain a proper grip during exercise and prevent injury. In addition, maximum load of Strongman Powerstrap Lifting Straps is 200 kg.

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Lifting Straps Strongman Powerstrap - extremely durable straps suitable for strength training and powerlifting

Lifting Straps Strongman Powerstrap are robust, extremely durable straps made of 2 layers of leather, which is reinforced with nylon. The unique loop perfectly wraps your wrist, thus maintaining proper grip during the entire exercise and preventing injuries. Lifting Straps Strongman Powerstrap are super resistant and their maximum load is 200 kg! The package contains 2 straps with a length of 30 cm.



65% leather, 35% polyamide

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