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Lifting Straps will help you improve your grip on the barbell for heavy lifting. They are 60 cm long and 4 cm wide, meaning you can wrap them around the barbell securely. With lifting straps, you alleviate the tension in your forearms for pulling exercises such as deadlifts. This lets you lift heavier loads and/or manage more repetitions of the exercise. Commonly used for training by bodybuilders, heavyweight and powerlifters. 

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Lifting Straps - practical training accessories for better barbell grip that help you lift heavier weights 

Lifting Straps are a highly practical training accessory that will help you improve your grip for strenuous strength training. Simply attach them to your wrists and then use their 60 cm of length and 4 cm of width to wrap them around the barbell you'll be working with. This reduces the tension in your forearms when performing pulling exercises such as deadlifts, meaning you won't be limited by your grip strength. As a result, you'll be able to lift heavier weights, or perform more repetitions of the chosen exercise.


Lifting Straps are made from a durable cotton material, and equipped with an anti-slip surface for more stable grip and neoprene padding in the wrist area for maximum comfort. They are ideal for bodybuilders, heavyweight lifters, powerlifters, crossfits athletes, and other athletes who are looking to improve their grip during exercise. 


Lifting Straps & their benefits 

  • training accessory to improve your grip
  • reduce tension in fingers and forearms
  • 60 cm long and 4 cm wide
  • made from a durable cotton material
  • equipped with an anti-slip surface
  • easy to use
  • suitable for deadlifts and other pulling exercises
  • ideal for bodybuilders, heavyweight and powerlifters


100 % cotton with neoprene padding

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