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Grip Trainer is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to improve their grip when using a barbell, pull-up bars and other fitness equipment. Moreover, you can also use this ability in your everyday functioning. The Grip Trainer has adjustable resistance, so you can tailor your wrist training to your ability and make it progressively harder.

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Grip Trainer is used to train a firmer grip when using the barbell, pull-up or push-up bars, as well as in normal daily functioning

Grip Trainer is a practical fitness accessory designed to improve your grip. This can be made stronger and firmer with regular exercise, which is useful in several ways. A great advantage of the Grip Trainer is the ability to adjust the resistance in the range of 10-40 kg. This way, both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts can use it. If you are into strength training or crossfit, for example, you definitely know that a strong grip is key when using the pull-up or push-up bars and when lifting weights. Moreover, it's also useful for gymnasts and acrobats who need a firm grip to perform their art on the rings, for example. Last but not least, it's also practical for everyday functioning when you need to hold or carry heavier things.


The great advantage of this tool is that it can be used at any time, for example, even in the office during the working day. Plus, it can also work as a great way to vent energy during challenging moments.


Grip Trainer & its benefits

  • practical fitness tool for grip strengthening
  • has adjustable resistance of 10-40 kg
  • can be used at any time of the day
  • ideal for beginners and advanced
  • suitable not only for strength athletes, crossfitters
  • gymnasts and acrobats will appreciate it
  • easy to use
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