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Grains & Cereals from manufacturer Nutrend is a category of products that serve as a valuable source of complex carbohydrates. These form the cornerstone of most people's diets and provide gradually releasing energy that is necessary for all physical movement and other bodily functions. In addition, they can also help with the intake of beneficial fibre and other substances. Here you can also find porridge or oats that make for a healthy breakfast or snack. Afterwards, for preparing lunch or dinner, you can reach for rice, quinoa, pasta, or other tasty side dishes. These foods will easily fit into your diet.

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Which cereals can you find in this category?

If you want to start your day with a breakfast that will satisfy your taste buds and fill you up at the same time, try products from the cereals & muesli subcategory. You can treat yourself to the Crispy Muesli Mix, which is full of oats, fruit, nuts, and other healthy goodies. In the same way, you can reach for a unique combination of 5 types of flakes, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, which you will find in BIO Muesli. All you must do is mix them together with milk, yoghurt, or curd cheese and voilà, a nutritionally rich breakfast or snack is ready to be served.

For breakfast, you can also have a variety of porridges, which take almost no time to prepare. For example, to make the instant oat, rice or buckwheat porridge, you just need to mix it with hot water or milk. Then you just need to flavour it according to your taste and enrich, for example, with a protein powder to increase the content of protein. Then there is nothing left but to garnish the porridge with some fruit or peanut butter. The protein porridge is also a great choice, as it is already enriched with whey protein. For all the fans of a plant-based diet, we have the BIO Protein Porridge. The latter boasts a select ingredient profile with oats, pea protein and chia seeds at the forefront. It is therefore a balanced dish with complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.

Of course, the category of cereals must also not be lacking the popular oats. They are perfect for preparing breakfast, snacks, pre-and post-workout meals as well as desserts. You can also make homemade oat flour from oats by just grinding them in a blender and use this as a wonderful base for pizza. You can choose from among classic oats, instant oats or gluten-free oats. That said, you can also use the BIO 5-Grain Flakes, which contain also rice, wheat, barley, and rye flakes in addition to oats.

All the fans of granola have also something to look forward to. Granola most often consists of a toasted mix of flakes, nuts, and seeds, which makes it a great choice for a balanced breakfast. An even greater ingredient profile is that of the protein granola, which excels in its protein content. It is available in the delicious chocolate, honey, or wild berries flavour.

Next, we have main dishes, the preparation of which will be made easy thanks to a varied menu of side dishes. As always, pasta is a staple food and goes well with almost all types of meat, tofu, or legumes. You can choose from among rye, legume or the low-calorie ZERO pasta. These are great, for example, when you are trying to lose weight. Rice is no less versatile in the kitchen, and it is also available in the ZERO calorie version. Last but not least, we have quinoa, the ingredient profile of which will delight you as well. It is a naturally gluten-free pseudocereal, which is a good source of plant-based proteins. You can also diversify your diet with another non-traditional pseudocereal in the form of buckwheat.

Come and choose something from our wide range of grains and cereals to help you prepare healthy meals each and every day.

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