Climaqx Food Bags & Accessories

Food Bags & Accessories from manufacturer Climaqx is a category that features practical fitness accessories of various shapes, sizes, and materials. These bags make meal prepping a breeze and help you always have the right amount of calories at hand, whether your goal is to lose weight or build muscle.

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The food bag and accessories category includes:

  • Classic food bags, perfect for the university, work, or travel, where you'll appreciate their generous storage space for containers, utensils, shakers, or water bottles. Some of them even come with their own gel packs, offering similar benefits to insulated or cooler bags, as they help maintain the optimal temperature of your food.
  • Canvas tote bags with a minimalist design and handy features like pockets or magnetic snaps. They're ideal as shopping bags or alternatives to handbags, capable of carrying significantly more items and can be slung over the shoulder. Anyone who isn't a fan of disposable plastic or paper solutions and is looking for a practical bag will surely appreciate them.
  • Individual food containers sized to fit most bags. Their advantage lies in their quality sealing and durability, ensuring that your meals won't spill or leak. Their advantage lies in their high-quality sealing and durability, ensuring that your meals won't spill or leak. These containers will ensure that you always have your lunch, dinner, snack, or breakfast with you. You can choose from plastic, stainless steel, or glass variants.
  • Gel packs and kitchen utensils that include the practical hot-cold gel pack, which fits into food bags and helps keep your meals warm or cold for as long as possible. Afterwards, you can enjoy them with a travel cutlery set in a handy case, complete with a spoon, fork, and knife. There is also the silicone food bag, perfect for storing various ingredients and serving as a versatile kitchen bag.

Come and choose from our selection of food bags, where you'll also find various kitchen utensils for travel.

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