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Eco Tote Bag made from breathable material with an admixture of cotton will no doubt delight every ecologically minded person. It has a simple design decorated with a subtle VanaVita logo and a front pocket for carrying small items. It fastens with a magnetic clasp that will ensure its contents are secure.

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Eco Tote Bag is a practical eco-friendly canvas bag with a simple design and a magnetic clasp, perfect for shopping or commuting to work

Eco Tote Canvas Bag made from breathable material is the great choice for every ecologically minded customer. It is made from a combination of linen fabric and cotton, which makes it sturdy, highly breathable, and easy to maintain. It will reliably carry heavier shopping or your laptop. To make sure none of its contents accidentally spill out, it is equipped with a magnetic clasp that functions as a buckle. In addition, it comes equipped with smaller inside and outside pockets that will carry small items. This practical companion will come in handy wherever you go.


Another great advantage of this bag is its compact size. It can be easily folded and carried in a backpack or a purse, so that you can always have it on you, avoiding needlessly buying plastic or paper bags when going out shopping. What's more, the canvas bag is a lot more sturdy than its single-use counterparts, meaning you won't have to worry about it tearing open under the weight of your shopping haul. Aside from its functionality, the tote bag pleases with its minimalist single colour design decorated with a subtle VanaVita logo, which clearly shows that you're a fan of high quality products and a healthy lifestyle. It is ideal for both men and women looking for a practical bag to carry their belongings in

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Eco Tote Bag & its advantages

  • practical canvas bag with an admixture of cotton
  • sturdy shoulder straps
  • equipped with small inner and outer pockets
  • closes with a magnetic clasp
  • perfect for shopping and carrying your belongings
  • simple design
  • ideal choice for the ecologically minded
  • has a volume of 21.1L



linen, cotton



Dimension Length Width Height Volume
Bag 40 cm 12 cm 44 cm 21.1L
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