Bona Vita Bread & Pastry

Bread & Pastry from manufacturer Bona Vita is a category that contains delicious alternatives of popular bakery products. These include long shelf life rice cakes, crispbreads as well as various crunchy types of baked goods from grains, pseudo-cereals, rice or bread mixes.

A great example is the Protein Bread Mix, which is a practical mix of select ingredients for the preparation of delicious bread. It will provide you with a high content of complex carbohydrates and proteins important for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and bone health. In addition, it is also a source of fibre, which is beneficial for optimal digestion.

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The added benefit of the crunchy baked goods in this category is their long shelf life and a variety of options to choose from. Thanks to this, you can pick, for example, gluten-free pastry in case you are gluten intolerant. Baked goods from this category can be kept in the pantry for a long time and be used as a quick snack if the need arises, as they go perfectly well with canned fish, nut butters or spreads. These will come in handy, especially during the times when you have a busy day ahead and do not have time for cooking. You can easily take products from this category with you to work, university or hiking to effectively replenish your energy. They will convince you that even baked goods can be part of a balanced lifestyle, no matter if you are doing sports recreationally for the joy of movement or professionally in order to achieve the sweet taste of victory.

Choose from our range of crispbreads, rice cakes, long shelf life or protein pastry and delight your taste buds with their unique taste.

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