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BIO Tricolor Maca - VanaVita

Manufacturer: VanaVita
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BIO Tricolor Maca is a three-colour blend of maca root in capsule form. Superfoods are exceptional for their content of vitamins and minerals. There is up to 1300 mg of maca extract in one serving, by which you supplement nutrients for proper health.

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BIO Tricolor Maca - a three-color blend of superfood from Andes

BIO Tricolor Maca are capsules with a mixture of yellow, black and red maca. It is a superfood with an exceptional content of nutrients. Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a plant that grows in the Peruvian Andes, and its cultivation has been known for centuries. It is great for its content of several minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin C, B vitamins or calcium, iron, potassium and copper. Superfood from South America has been part of traditional medicine and today is the subject of several studies that look at its effects on, for example, genitals and fertility. Up to 1300 mg of root extract is contained in one serving. By using it, you will supplement nutrients in the body and support overall health.


BIO Tricolor Maca - VanaVita


BIO Tricolor Maca & its benefits

  • a well-known superfood
  • the capsules contain a 3-color blend of maca
  • rich in vitamins and minerals
  • contains 1300 mg of maca in one serving



Bio maca powder (mix of yellow, black and red maca) (Lepidium meyenii), bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), anti-caking agent (rice extract), hypromellose capsule.


Recommended use

Take 2 capsules a day.               


Table of nutritional values

Nutritional values2 capsules

Bio maca powder (mix of yellow, black and red maca) (Lepidium meyenii)

1300 mg



Do not exceed the recommended daily use. The product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. The product is not intended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of small children. Store in a dry place at temperatures up to 25°C. Protect from frost and direct sunlight.

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BIO Tricolor Maca - VanaVita

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Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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BIO Tricolor Maca - VanaVita

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