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YOGA Bag is a practical bag with which you will be able to carry your mat for yoga, stretching, or exercise with you at all times. Thin, soft shoulder straps guarantee comfort during wearing. In addition, the bag has a smaller handy pocket in which you can put your keys or a season ticket for your gym. Its spacious design is created to fit a mat of almost any size

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YOGA Bag - a practical bag, thanks to which you always have your exercise mat with you

YOGA Bag is a smaller, but very practical fitness bag that allows you to always have your yoga, stretching, or exercise mat with you. Two thin soft shoulder straps ensure comfort and convenience during the wearing while carrying your mat. The bag also has a hidden but spacious pocket, which will serve as storage space for keys or a season ticket to the gym. The YOGA Bag is created to fit a mat of almost any size


YOGA Bag & its benefits

  • practical bag for a yoga or exercise mat
  • features soft shoulder straps
  • comfortable to carry
  • equipped with an extra small pocket for small items
  • ideal for anyone who brings their own mat to exercise





YOGA Bag dimensions

Dimensions Length Width Height
Size (cm)     26    45     30
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