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The X-Mount wall bracket is a practical fitness accessory with a unique X-shaped design. It is a  secure anchoring point for the suspension straps, TRX or even punch bag. The anchor is made of high-quality iron, which guarantees maximum durability. The package also includes 2 screws which should be used to attach the anchor to the wall or wood.

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X-Mount Bracket - practical iron wall bracket to hook suspension straps, TRX or punch bag

The X-Mount wall bracket is a practical fitness accessory with an innovative X-shaped design. It allows the secure attachment of suspension straps, TRX or even a punch bag. The anchor is made of high-quality solid iron, which guarantees maximum durability. The package includes 2 screws, which are used to mount the anchor on the wall or in wood. The X-mount bracket must be fastened via screws. The maximum weight capacity of the wall mount bracket is 150 kg.     


Wall Bracket X-Mount - GymBeam


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