Ölmühle Solling Vitamin D

Vitamin D from manufacturer Ölmühle Solling is a category containing a number of products with different amounts of vitamin D (calciferol) contained. The latter is also known as the sunshine vitamin. This is because the sun's rays can trigger the production of this vitamin in the human body. Its deficiency in the body is more frequent especially from autumn to spring, when people wear more layers of clothing and spend more time indoors. Vitamin D has two main forms. Specifically, it is vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

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Ergocalciferol is of plant origin and is less bioavailable. Vitamin D3 is mainly of animal origin. The only exception is cholecarciferol made from lichen, which is thus the most absorbable plant-based vitamin D3. This form of the vitamin appears to be more valuable for the human body as it can more effectively increase the level of vitamin D in the blood.    

The main sources of vitamin D in the diet are mushrooms, mackerels, sardines, tuna or fish oils. However, you can take it in the form of tablets, capsules, effervescent tablets, candies, drops, sprays or oils. 

What is the function of vitamin D in the body?

Vitamin D is involved in cell division in the body. In addition, it also affects the proper functioning of immunity, healthy teeth, bones and muscles. However, it also contributes to the proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus which is again related to the proper function of bones. This is especially important for older people who have a higher risk of falling and fracturing their bones.

What is the recommended daily intake of vitamin D?

Reference daily intake in accordance with the methodologies of the European Food Safety Authority (hereinafter referred to as EFSA) and the reference values ​​of the Society for Nutrition of German-Speaking Countries (hereinafter referred to as DACH) for an average adult. 

  • Reference daily intake according to EFSA: 15 μg
  • Reference daily intake according to DACH: 20 μg (in the absence of endogenous formation from UV radiation from the sun)

You can find more information about vitamin D and its importance in the article Vitamin D and Everything You Need to Know About It

What forms of vitamin D are there?

If you want to learn more interesting things about other vitamins, their division, functions, recommended values and signs of deficiency and excess, you should not miss our article The Complete Guide to Vitamins: What They’re For, How to Know When You’re Deficient and How Much to Take?

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