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Trail Hydropack is the perfect choice for everyone looking to ensure they reliably control their water intake during their performance. In addition, it provides extra space for carrying a snack or small essential items. It comes with adjustable straps at the shoulders, chest and in the stomach area, thanks to which it can be fitted perfectly to your body without limiting you in any way whatsoever. It comes equipped with a 2 L water pack. 

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Trail Hydropack with adjustable straps and inner water pack perfectly fits to your body and ensures you stay hydrated during your performance

Trail Hydropack is an essential piece of equipment for every endurance athlete concerned with maintaining their drinking regime and having optimum hydration during their performance. The key feature of this product is the 2 L hydropack for carrying water or a sports drink. The pack is equipped with a drinking tube that attaches to the shoulder strap, which ensures you always have access to a sufficient source of liquids


The length of its shoulder and chest straps can be easily adjusted and fitted to your body. Similarly, a padded strap that fastens around your stomach area may be set up to your needs. Adjusting the length of straps will allow you to make sure the pack doesn't limit you in your sports activity. The overall comfort is further added to by the high quality back support. All of this means the backpack will not impact your performance negatively in any way. The front of the backpack is equipped with a flexible rubber string which allows you to minimize the space it takes up


Aside from the much-needed liquids, this backpack will also allow you to pack up several essential items you need to have at hand anytime during your performance. For example, it can be a snack, energy gel, extra clothing or a small pump together with a spare tire filling for your bike. It is ideal for running, cycling, hiking, inline skating, and other similar summer sports. However, it comes equally handy in winter, when slope or cross country skiing. Simply put, this practical accessory will provide valuable company in both summer and winter activities.

Trail Hydropack - GymBeam

Trail Hydropack & its advantages

  • a practical backpack for carrying water or other sports drinks as well as other items
  • comes with an inside water pack with the volume of 2L
  • provides enough storage space
  • equipped with adjustable shoulder, chest and stomach straps
  • highly comfortable padding
  • perfectly adjusts to your body
  • ideal for both summer and winter endurance sports
  • can be used for cross country skiing, running, hiking or cycling
  • has a volume of 11.7L



polyester, TPU



Dimension Length Width Height Volume
Bag 25 cm 12 cm 39 cm 11.7L
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