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Testosterol 250 is a nutritional supplement for athletes with effective fractions of plant sterols and other substances that support the rapid achievement of your fitness goals. It is one of the best-selling natural anabolics that have been popular with bodybuilders around the world

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Testosterol 250 is a natural anabolic ideal as a nutritional supplement to build muscle mass

Testosterol 250 is an extremely powerful anabolic with which you can achieve your fitness goals quickly and easily. All you need is a good diet, enough protein, regular training and Testosterol 250 - an effective stimulant of testosterone secretion. This combination is ideal for building a muscular body.




The formulation contains effective fractions of plant sterols, and hence chemical compounds derived from stearate. Some sterol metabolites can mimic typical hormones in the body and compete with them for receptors in body cells. This leads to modification of many physiological functions. The common result of these processes is the regulation of quantitative relationships between 17-ketosteroids, testosterone, progesterone, androsterone, and corticosteroids.


Testosterol 250 and its benefits

  • strong natural anabolic
  • contains plant sterol fractions
  • suitable nutritional supplement to quickly achieve fitness goals
  • one of the world's best-selling anabolics


Adverse effects

No side effects were found during the use of plant sterols.



Plant sterols, inulin, phenolic glycosides, flavonoids, phylloquinones.   



Dispense 1 capsule daily after breakfast, continuously for 45 days. If you are an advanced bodybuilder or have a weight greater than 85 kg, double the dosage.


Table of nutritional values

Nutritional values1 capsule

Plant sterols

250 mg


15 mg

Phenol glycosides

1,75 mg


0,75 mg


0,01 mg



The product should be stored below 25 ° C, out of reach of children.

Product detail
Main category Testosterone Support
Made in EU
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, Košice 04001, Slovakia
Legal category of the product dietary supplement
Form capsuled
Blend blend
Vegan no
Vegetarian no
Lactose free yes
Gluten-free yes
BIO no
GMO free No
No artificial sweeteners yes
Plastic-free packaging no
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1. Question:
Biosterol combination
Biosterol combination
Hello. Is it safe to use Biosterol and Testosterol at the same time ? Thank You for Your answers ;)
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Biosterol combination
Hello :) Thank you for your question. Yes it is safe to use it together. Best regards. GymBeam Team !
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Biosterol combination
Hello :) Thank you for your question. Yes, it is safe to use this products together.
Best regards
GymBeam Team !
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2. Question:
mark mchale
mark mchale
is this product ASADA and WADA approved
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mark mchale
Hello, thank you very much for your question. We contacted our distributor and received this answer
"we do not have the certificates you have mentioned. Our products have been approved by Polish Sanitary Inspectorate.
Regarding anti-doping control, if the ingredients are not prohibited in some sports organization, then your customer do not need to worry."
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