Cellucor Towels

Towels from manufacturer Cellucor is a category that features various types of towels suitable for sports activities such as gym or home workouts. Additionally, you'll find them useful as yoga towels, for the beach, outdoor activities, swimming, or as part of your travel bag. Many of them are also suitable for everyday use.

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In the sports towels category, you'll find:

  • Quick-drying towels, perfect for every workout session. They efficiently absorb moisture, ensuring you stay dry even during intense sweating. Additionally, they can serve as a mat during various exercises, or you can place them under yourself in the gym to avoid inconveniencing others by leaving sweat marks. The offer also includes the maxi or mini versions.
  • Microfiber towels, which also dry quickly, are highly compact and fit into any gym bag. They come in medium and large maxi sizes, suitable not only as exercise mats, but also as towels for post-shower drying or yoga sessions.
  • Beach towels, ideal for sunbathing and guaranteeing your comfort while doing so. Similarly, beach ponchos will keep you dry and warm at the beach after having fun in the water. You can also use them as a bathrobe after a workout shower. You can also use them as a bathrobe after a post-workout shower.
  • Gym towels and towels for everyday use made from high-quality cotton are suitable not only for every workout session, but also for daily bathroom use. They are very gentle on the skin and effectively absorb moisture, ensuring you are always thoroughly dried, whether after a workout or during your daily hygiene routine.

Come and choose from a wide range of towels that are perfect for sports and leisure activities.

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