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Mini Sports Towel is an effective accessory for the gym, sports or home exercise. It contains polyester and a polyamide blend that allows it to dry very quickly while absorbing little moisture. It will become your reliable partner even during the hardest workouts, as it won't get soaking wet like a traditional towel.

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Mini Sports Towel - an accessory for the gym, various sports, and home workouts, which dries very quickly and supports you even during the most demanding workouts

Mini Sports Towel boasts a minimalist design, which is decorated with the BeastPink logo. Made from a blend of polyester and polyamide, it offers excellent features. It is sufficiently flexible, durable and long-lasting. It can also dry very quickly and absorb little moisture, so even during the toughest workouts, it won't get soaking wet with sweat like other towels. 


This makes it an essential accessory for the gym, but you'll also find it invaluable during home workouts or other sports activities. Additionally, it can serve as a mat during various exercises, or you can place it over the gym equipment to avoid inconveniencing others and leaving behind sweaty stains. The Mini Sports Towel includes an extra elastic band so you can quickly roll it up and take it just anywhere. Its compact design makes it highly portable and space-saving.


Mini Sports Towel Shadow - BeastPink


Mini Sports Towel & its benefits

  • an accessory for the gym, for sports or home workouts 
  • made from polyester and polyamide 
  • dries very quickly and absorbs little moisture 
  • flexible, durable and long-lasting 
  • perfect even during the toughest workouts
  • can be used as an exercise mat
  • thanks to the elastic band, it can be rolled up quickly, is very portable and space-saving
  • features a minimalist design with the BeastPink logo



88% polyester, 12% polyamide



50 cm x 90 cm

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