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Teas from manufacturer English Tea Shop is a category of products that contain carefully selected blends of herbs that will please you with their delightful aromas and irresistible flavours. Tea itself has a fascinating history that begins in China, spreading all around the world thanks to its flavour that’s commonly enjoyed during the colder months of the year. The market is also replete with a range of harmonizing teas that offer a variety of health benefits. For example, some are used for treating the urinary tract, others for weight loss, draining excess water from the body, or for overall vitality purposes for women in different stages of life. 

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Each blend relies on a specifically selected mix of herbal ingredients intended to produce specific harmonizing effects in the body. Our selection offers, among others, BIO Matcha Powder, derived from green tea leaves. It boasts a prominent flavour and a wide variety of biologically active substances, among which antioxidants are represented significantly. Some products in this category are the perfect choice for men, who are looking to increase their muscle growth or boost their performance or testosterone levels: our BIO Tribulus Tea that consists of the dried leaves of Tribulus Terrestris is a known source of steroid saponins. 

If you’d like to learn more about the fascinating world of tea, don’t miss out on our articles: 

Discover our wide selection of teas that you can enjoy on your own or in the company of your friends and family.

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  1. Bio Fair Trade Green Tea - English Tea Shop
    Bio Fair Trade Green Tea - English Tea Shop
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    From €3.95
  2. BIO Green tea with jasmine and elderflower - English Tea Shop
    BIO Green tea with jasmine and elderflower - English Tea Shop
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    From €3.95

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