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Smart Composition Scale Wi-Fi can measure data from 13 different attributes of your body composition. Aside from your overall body weight, it will measure the percentage of your body fat, muscle mass, bone mass or even the amount of water present in your body. You'll be able to access all of this information thanks to a neat LED display on the scale, or via your phone thanks to the free Tesla Smart app that connects to the scale via Wi-Fi. 

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Smart Composition Scale Wi-Fi measures body weight as well as the percentage of body fat and muscle mass, displaying the results in a mobile app

Smart Composition Scale Wi-Fi is equipped with smart sensors that can measure thirteen different quantitative aspects of your body composition. Not only does it measure your overall body weight, but thanks to bioelectrical impedance, it can also measure the levels of muscle, bone and water mass within your body. The scale has a capacity for measuring your body fat, including the visceral body fat that accumulates within your abdominal cavity, and can pose potential health risks if left unchecked. This is why it is particularly important to keep track of it. The results of measuring will also include the information such as rate of your basal metabolism in calories, your metabolic age and your body type.


It is equipped with four strategically placed strain gauges that provide the most accurate measurements which are then easily read on the LED display. All of the measurements can also be accessed in your smartphone using the Tesla Smart app, which connects to the device via Wi-Fi. The app can be downloaded via iStore or Google Play into any of your wireless devices. The app takes track of your scale outputs, and calculates the progression curve for your bodyweight, body fat and BMI, meaning you'll be able to access this information anytime you need. 


This scale is ideal for everyone looking to lose weight, grow muscle mass or change their body composition in any other way. It allows you to easily measure the progress towards your goals, keeping track of the results you're achieving. It is also the ideal solution for people who are generally trying to keep their overall health in check. Optimum body weight is not only crucial when it comes to the appearance of your body, but plays a large role in terms of its health. The scale is easy to use and includes a localized manual for every user's convenience.  


Smart Composition Scale Wi-Fi & its advantages 

  • a smart device for measuring your body weight and composition
  • measures thirteen different aspects of your body    
  • measures body fat, muscle mass and bone mass
  • evaluates your metabolic age, body type and basal metabolic rate
  • four strategically placed strain gauges for most accurate measurements
  • an easy-to-read LED display
  • connects to smart devices via Wi-Fi
  • supports the Tesla Smart app for tracking data
  • the app displays current data as well as measurement history for tracking progress
  • ideal for monitoring your body weight and other parameters
  • suitable for anyone trying to lose weight or grow muscle mass 
  • useful for every healthy lifestyle enthusiast
  • includes a user's guide
  • maximum weight limit 180 kg 


Technical details  
Scale Type Digital diagnostic scale with added functions
Max. weight limit 180 kg
Dimensions of the scale 300 × 300 × 22 mm
Functions measures body fat, muscle and body water 
Measuring values body weight, BMI, body fat (in %), body water (proportion in %), muscle mass, calories (kcal), bone mass volume, total body health score, total body weight without fat, visceral fat (in %), protein level, body type, metabolic age, progression curves for visualising changes over time
Scale board material glass
Power 4 x AAA batteries (not included)
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Compatible OS iOS, Android


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