VanaVita Regeneration Support

Regeneration Support from manufacturer VanaVita is a category of products intended for faster regeneration after your workout, all of which can be used before and during the workout as well. Their purpose is to improve your athletic performance and boost regenerative processes in your body. For example, the FueRide is a soluble drink designed to provide immediate energy supply together with vitamins and key electrolytes, which are quickly depleted during intense physical strain. 


BCAA 4:1:1 Instant can help you protect your muscle mass from decomposition for energy during intense training sessions. After the workout, you'll certainly find FueGain particularly handy. This is a premium all-in-one blend for resupplying your body with protein, carbohydrates as well as with important vitamins and minerals. HydroFue, on the other hand, provides the fastest absorbing source of protein, and as such is an ideal product for immediate post-workout muscle mass regeneration.

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The optimum regeneration of your muscles as well as other body tissues can be effectively boosted by using a vibrating roller or a massage gun. These can help you relax stiff muscles and improve blood circulation in the massaged area. This typically leads to faster removal of metabolic waste products as well as quicker supply of oxygen and other crucial nutrients that are necessary for rapid and effective regeneration of the muscle tissue. If you want to learn more about these tools, read our article How to Boost Muscle Regeneration Using a Massage Gun and Other Tools.

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