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Extreme Fitness Belt is an exceptionally light, yet extremely durable exercise belt. The belt is anatomically shaped to perfectly adapt to the anatomy to your body. At the same time, there are specially shaped rubber strips in belt's heart to ensure sufficient increasing of belt's compactness as well as to reduce belt's distortion when training. A comfortable and firm fastening of the belt is guaranteed by a 35 cm Velcro fastening.

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Extreme Fitness Belt - anatomically shaped exercise belt with special rubber bands to support your back and core during hard workout sessions 

Extreme Fitness Belt is a light-weight, and at the same time extremely durable exercise belt. It has an anatomical shape which makes the belt exactly adapted to the anatomy of your body. On the inner side specially shaped rubber strips are used to ensure sufficient increasing of belt's compactness as well as to reduce belt's distortion when training. The belt is equipped with ventilation to prevent extra sweating during workout. In addition, thanks to the Velcro fastening with a length of up to 35 cm you can easily adjust the belt to your needs.


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Waist circumference 72-87 cm 82-97 cm 92-107 cm 97-112 cm 102-117 cm
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