Science in Sport Energy Gels

Energy Gels from manufacturer Science in Sport is a category of products that represent a very convenient way to provide your body with a dose of energy. The products in this category contain fast or slow release carbohydrates or a combination of them in different ratios. This allows them to ensure a quick and gradual energy supply during any activity. What's more, they can also be used after a sports performance in order to replenish the depleted glycogen stores in the muscles. That said, energy gels can additionally be enriched with other ingredients. Among the most common are selected amino acids or electrolytes that you lose through sweat during physical activity, and it is therefore necessary to supplement them.

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Energy gels are therefore ideal for all athletes or physically active people, who want to push their sports performance to the max.

When to use energy gels?

  • before sports performance
  • during sports performance, especially in the case of endurance athletes who need an energy boost during long-lasting sports performance
  • after sports performance, in order to promote the replenishment of energy stores in the form of muscle glycogen

Their big advantage is that you can easily take an energy gel with you and put in a backpack when hiking, in the pocket of your cycling jersey or store it inside a cycling bag. Not only that, but, for example, our ReCharge Gel will also delight you with its refreshing taste. As a result, it is not only packed with flavour, but it will also effectively improve your performance and provide you with the necessary energy to achieve the best results possible.

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