Activlab Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate from manufacturer Activlab is a category of products that covers supplements containing creatine monohydrate. The latter is the best known and well-researched form of creatine, which has been and still is the subject of a majority of scientific studies. For this reason, it is also considered to be the most effective in the world of fitness. It forms a bond with a single water molecule and contains about 90% of pure creatine.

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Just like its other forms, creatine monohydrate also helps promote the regeneration of ATP, which is known as a quick source of energy. Therefore, it has the ability to increase physical performance during short-term consecutive intervals of intensive training. Thanks to this, it can promote explosive strength and help, for example, in speed or strength sports. 

Who benefits from taking creatine monohydrate?

Thanks to its aforementioned abilities, creatine monohydrate is especially useful for:

  • strength athletes (bodybuilders, powerlifters, fitness)
  • speed athletes (sprinters, swimmers, 200 m runners, track cyclists, downhill skiers)
  • fans of intensive training like HIIT or crossfit
  • team sport players that require explosive strength like hockey, football, rugby, American football or basketball players
  • martial artists
  • racquet sport athletes (tennis players, squash players or badminton players)

The properties of creatine monohydrate make it suitable for beginners as well as professional athletes. It can also be ⁣taken by women, who will benefit from its effects to support their efforts to achieve maximum performance. The vast majority of creatine is stored in skeletal muscles, where it waits to be utilized for rapid energy recovery. The average person on a normal diet has creatine stores saturated to about 60–80%. However, with supplementation, this number can increase by up to 20–40%.

How to take creatine monohydrate?

Creatine monohydrate does not need to be cycled or taken during the loading phase. However, it is usually taken in two ways:

  • with a loading phase: 20 g per day, for 5-7 days. Afterwards, 3-5 g per day long-term to maintain its elevated levels in the body. The loading phase is therefore able to maximize creatine stores way quicker. However, it is not necessary.
  • without a loading phase: 3-5 g per day long-term without any breaks. This long-term pattern of use without a loading phase will increase intramuscular creatine stores to the same level as the loading phase would after about 28 days.

However, the effects of creatine have a condition, which is a daily intake of about 3 grams. This requirement is easily taken care of by using, for example, 100% creatine monohydrate.

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