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Resistance Band Set is an effective fitness equipment suitable for training all parts of the body. Expanders are used to strengthen and recover several muscle parts. You will use them for exercise not only at home but also in the gym. Package includes 3 bands with different resistances. They are ideal both for beginners and advanced athletes


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The Resistance Band Set contains 3 resistive bands suitable for training the whole body

The Resistance Band Set is a set of multi-coloured rubber that offers up to 3 levels of resistance during exercise. Quality expanders are made of solid 100% ecological TPE material, which is characterized by good elasticity and strong regeneration. Exercise erasers are used to strengthen the muscles in the comfort of home, but also in the gym. They are a great fitness accessory for strength training, recovery, pilates, yoga and kickboxing. In each package there are 3 fitness bands with different resistances, namely:

  • orange fitness band - low resistance
  • grey fitness band - medium resistance
  • black fitness band - high resistance


Resistance Band Set - GymBeam


Resistance Band Set and its advantages

  • fitness bands for strengthening muscles
  • suitable for strength training for exercises such as bench press, deadlift, squat, powerlifting
  • you can also use them for recovery, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, wrestling, crossfit and aerobics
  • exercise band made of rubber is practical and fits easily in a sports bag
  • made of 100% environmentally friendly TPE
  • the package contains 3 differently coloured expanders with different resistance levels
  • ideal for exercise at home and at the gym






Resistance Band Set and its features

Colour Length Width Thickness Resistance

Orange resistance band

115.5 cm

15 cm

0.5 mm

7.0 kg

Grey resistance band

118.5 cm

15 cm

0.5 mm

9.0 kg

Black resistance band

116.5 cm

15 cm

0.6 mm

11.3 kg

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