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ChillGuard Neoprene Shoes will delight any lover of cold water therapy and water sports. They have great thermoregulating properties, thanks to which they keep your feet dry and warm. In addition, they provide enough protection from injury when swimming in natural lakes. You will also appreciate them during water sports as they feature a slip-resistant outsole.

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ChillGuard Neoprene Shoes - a reliable piece to keep your feet dry and protect them from underwater surface

ChillGurad Neoprene Shoes are an effective accessory for anyone who loves cold water therapy or water sports. They are made from a combination of neoprene, nylon and rubber, which lends them great thermoregulating properties. They will also keep your feet dry and warm. At the same time, they are durable enough, flexible and reliably insulate heat. Moreover, they can also help prevent unwanted injuries from sharp ice or underwater surfaces.


These shoes will be handy especially if you are going to practice cold water immersion in unfamiliar lakes or rivers, which may be covered with sharp stones or other objects on the bottom. They can eliminate the risk of injury or cuts to your feet, which are less sensitive in cold temperatures, and you might not even notice a possible injury. Plus, they're a great aid for water sports, thanks to their non-slip surface that keeps you reliably on the board. In addition, they are also suitable for various other water activities, such as diving, providing an interesting alternative between neoprene socks and diving shoes. In addition, they are pleasantly light and comfortable. You can also rely on perfect stabilization, which is taken care of by an adjustable drawstring and Velcro fastening. Last but not least, they feature a minimalist design with the GymBeam logo.


The neoprene shoes can be also combined with neoprene gloves and a cap.



ChillGuard Neoprene Shoes & their benefits 

  • feature great thermoregulating properties
  • keep your feet warm and dry
  • protect your feet from unwanted injury when swimming in unfamiliar place
  • have a non-slip surface
  • suitable for water sports
  • serve as an alternative between socks and diving shoes when diving
  • pleasantly lightweight and comfortable
  • feature an adjustable drawstring and Velcro fastener
  • have a minimalist design with the GymBeam logo



80% neoprene, 10% nylon, 10% rubber


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EU size 38/39 40/41 42/43 44/45
Foot length (cm) 23-25 25-26 26-28 28-29
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