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Neoprene ChillGuard Gloves are a practical accessory that reliably protects your hands from cold and water. The great thermoregulating properties also keep them warm and dry. They are suitable for cold water therapy, ice breaking, diving, fishing or other water and winter sports.

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ChillGuard Neoprene Gloves - a practical tool to protect your hands from the cold, keep them warm and dry

ChillGuard Neoprene Gloves are impregnated gloves made of neoprene and nylon. The finish is coated with rubber, which excels in durability. Thanks to the neoprene, these gloves additionally boast excellent thermoregulation properties. They will keep your hands and fingertips dry and warm, while resisting water, UV rays and abrasions. Thus, they are the ideal companion for cold water therapy, especially if you are going to chop ice. They will protect your hands from entering the water or the sharp edges of ice floes, while the non-slip palm makes them easy to use.


At the same time, some people's hands tend to be quite sensitive to immersion in water, which these gloves can solve. This way, you can gradually prepare your upper limbs for cold immersion. However, you'll also appreciate them for a variety of water sports in colder weather, as they'll help you maintain a firmer grip. These gloves are soft and smooth to the touch, which contributes to a comfortable fit. The Velcro fastening then also provides a secure fit around the wrists. Another great bonus is the flexibility that makes the ChillGuard Neoprene Gloves perfectly conform to your hands. In addition, you'll also enjoy the minimalist modern design with the GymBeam logo, suitable for ladies and gentlemen alike. 


The ChillGuard Neoprene Gloves are a great match for the neoprene cap and shoes.


Neoprene ChillGuard Gloves Black - GymBeam


Neoprene ChillGuard Gloves & their benefits

  • impregnated neoprene and nylon gloves
  • suitable for cold water therapy or various winter and water sports
  • have great thermoregulating properties
  • keep your hands and fingertips dry and warm
  • resist water, UV rays and abrasions
  • suitable for chopping ice 
  • feature a non-slip palm finish
  • protect your hands from handling sharp ice
  • soft, smooth and flexible
  • fit your hands perfectly and are comfortable to wear
  • equipped with Velcro closure for a secure fit around the wrists
  • please with a modern design with the GymBeam logo



90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon


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