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ChillGuard Neoprene Cap is a practical accessory that will be appreciated by all cold water enthusiasts. It has a minimalist design and great thermoregulating properties, which will keep you warm and dry. Plus, it will keep you comfortable while you wear it, as it adjusts perfectly to your head. It is suitable for all water sports, and it will definitely not disappoint you.

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ChillGuard Neoprene Cap adapts to your head and keeps it warm and dry during cold water immersion or water sports

ChillGuard Neoprene Cap is a must-have for every lover of cold water therapy or water sports. It is a practical piece made of neoprene and nylon, thanks to which it boasts great thermoregulating properties. It also resists water, UV rays and abrasions, and reliably holds temperature. Furthermore, it's comfortable because it will adjust to your head while keeping it warm and dry during cold water immersion or winter swimming.


It will also protect your head and ears from the cold and keep them warm even if you get wet. In addition, it can also be great for people with long hair as it will prevent it from getting wet during cold water therapy. You'll also be pleased with the timeless design with minimalist shapes, high-quality stitching and the GymBeam logo. The ChillGuard Neoprene Cap is thus a practical piece perfect for beginners, as well as advanced cold water enthusiasts.


The ChillGuard Neoprene Cap can be combined with neoprene gloves and shoes.


Neoprene ChillGuard Cap Black - GymBeam


Neoprene ChillGuard Cap & its benefits 

  • can be used during cold water immersion and water sports
  • has great thermoregulating properties
  • keeps your head dry and warm
  • resistant to water, UV and abrasions
  • suitable for winter swimming
  • protects head and ears from the cold
  • has a timeless design with high-quality stitching and the GymBeam logo
  • reliably secures hair and protects it from getting wet
  • comfortable to wear because it adjusts perfectly to your head
  • suitable for beginners and advanced cold water enthusiasts



90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon


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Head circumference (cm) 54-57 58-61
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