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Cereals & Muesli from manufacturer Purasana is a category of foods that form the basis of a healthy breakfast or snack. This includes muesli or other wholegrain cereals, which are a go-to choice for this purpose. All you must do is mix them together with milk or yoghurt, and then garnish the meal with fruit as needed. You can thus enjoy a quick and balanced meal in no time. Complex carbohydrates contained in the meal will then provide you with a source of gradually releasing energy for several hours. These foods are therefore a great way to always keep your hunger at bay. Fibre is also an important part, as it is key for a healthy digestion.

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Which cereals are the most popular?

Do you feel like having a sweet breakfast that will give you energy and is very filling? Then reach for the Crispy Muesli Mix, which is full of oats, fruit, nuts, and other healthy goodies. You also can't go wrong with the BIO Muesli, which contains a unique combination of 5 types of flakes, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. The main advantage of such mixtures is that they contain both fast and slow-release carbohydrates, as well as healthy fats from nuts and seeds. When you then mix them together with milk or yoghurt, you will enrich them with protein, giving you a full-fledged and balanced dish. 

How to prepare your own breakfast mix or muesli? For starters, you can reach for the BIO 5 -Grain Flakes, which contain rice, oat, wheat, rye, and barley flakes. Afterwards, you can just throw in some nuts, seeds, or dried fruit according to your taste. You can also add the Nutty Mix with Strawberries that is packed full of nutritionally rich ingredients and can be enjoyed straight out of the box as a healthy snack.

Come and choose something from our offer of cereals and muesli, and you will always have the basis for a great breakfast or snack that will give you good energy.

Practical tips for preparing a healthy breakfast can be found in the following article:  6 Most Common Breakfast Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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