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Almond Butter is made only from first-class almonds from sunny California. It has a pure composition, creamy consistency, and delicious taste. It does not contain any added sugar or salt and is an excellent source of healthy fats, proteins, a range of vitamins and minerals.

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Almond Butter with rich nutty taste and smooth almond texture of first-class quality 

Almond Butter is made only with the basic processing methods, which are standard for quality nut butter. As a result, it contains only first-class ground almonds with rich nutty taste and nothing more. It does not contain any added sugar or salt. On the contrary, it is high in  healthy fats in the form of monounsaturated fatty acids, which are associated with a positive effect on cardiovascular health. Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Almond butter also contains plant proteins, magnesium, phosphorus, copper or manganese, and other micronutrients


Therefore, when it comes to an overall diet, it is suitable at any time during the day. You need only one teaspoon to satisfy sweet cravings, enrich the protein drink to achieve a greater feeling of satiety, or to enrich sweet desserts and breakfast with healthy fats and proteins. It is also a perfect ingredient for your breakfast porridge. Get to know the delicious taste of Almond Butter, and enrich your diet with healthy fats and plant proteins.   


Almond Butter & its benefits

  • contains only almonds of first-class quality 
  • does not contain any added sugar or salt 
  • a pure composition without unnecessary ingredients 
  • contains 21 grams of protein per 100 grams 
  • rich in fiber 
  • an excellent source of healthy fats 
  • has a creamy consistency and rich nutty taste


100% natural almonds of the first-class quality   


Recommended Use

Almond butter is ideal as a spread, to enrich a protein drink, or as an ingredient in cooking. Separation of oil is natural, just mix the butter and consume it.


Nutrition facts

Nutritional valuesper 100 g
Energy value 2534 kJ / 612 kcal
Fat 55.8 g
of which saturated 4.4 g
Carbohydrates 6.9 g
of which sugar 4.2 g
Fiber 7.4 g
Protein 21.1 g
Calcium 24 mg



Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, it is best to consume it within 3 months. Allergen information: Contains almonds. Made in a factory that also processes gluten, peanuts, nuts, and sesame seeds.
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