Under Armour Women's Sports Bras & Tops

Women's Sports Bras & Tops from manufacturer Under Armour serve as a breast support for every female athlete who wants to fully enjoy her workout. Don't limit yourself while exercising – what matters most is the use of high-quality and comfortable materials that will fit you well and offer perfect support for your breasts. We have also considered good breathability and sweat-wicking capabilities in their production. Come and explore our selection of sports bras with different cuts and colour variations to find your favourite today! 

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What bras and tops are there to choose from? 

  • Padded bras help shape the bust to perfection and flatter the figure. They're ideal for everyday wear.  
  • Bras with fasteners feature an adjustable size, which helps them adapt well to your bust. Bras without fasteners rank among the most comfortable options. They have an elastic underband around the bust area to make them perfectly fit the shape of your body. They're great for both sports and everyday wear.  
  • Bras with spaghetti straps don't provide nearly as much support as bras with wider straps. However, this minor drawback is easily compensated by the great comfort they provide.  
  • Bras with adjustable straps also adapt perfectly to your bust shape. They're great for the gym, running, and other activities. In addition to their functionality, you'll also fall in love with their modern design and comfort. Whether you opt for a clasp closure bra or one with an elastic band is up to you.  
  • Seamless bras excel in providing maximum comfort. Once you try them on, you will never want to go back to wearing traditional bras ever again. They don't chafe anywhere, and due to their smooth surface, you can wear them under shirts and tops without them being visible.  
  • Tops of various lengths and sleeve sizes are perfect for both sports and leisure activities. You can choose from a variety of materials, which are breathable or effectively wick away sweat.  

Every woman seeking quality materials, comfort, and timeless designs is sure to find something to her liking among the offer of women's sports bras. 

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