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You can wear Lace-up Metal women's leggings for sports and other leisure activities. They are made of a lightweight material that adapts to the figure and does not restrict movementLacing on the waist and calves allows to adjust the leggings the way you need. Leggings are ¾ long.

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Women's Lace-up Metal leggings with lacing design that perfectly adapts to your figure 

Women's Lace-up Metal leggings stand out because of their stylish metallic design, which can create a flattering silhouette. The lacing on the waist and the back side of calves not only looks great but is also practical. For example, if you lose weight or gain muscle, just adjust the leggings the way you need.


During sports and leisure activities, you will also appreciate the lightweight material. Leggings perfectly fit to the body and do not restrict movement. Thanks to this, you can enjoy every movement to the fullest. They are ¾ long, so you can wear them on warmer days or in the gym.



80% polyamide, 20% elastane. 


Size Chart

Waist 58-62 cm 62-68 cm 68-74 cm 74-80 cm
Hips 86-90 cm 90-96  cm 96-102 cm 102-108 cm
Thighs 44-48 cm 48-52 cm 52-56 cm 56-60 cm
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