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Women's FIT Workout Jumpsuit is a luxury piece designed for all women who want to stand out. It is a combination of functional leggings with a top, which perfectly shapes and accentuates feminine curves. The material it's made from reliably wicks away sweat, making it perfect for even the most intense workouts. 

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Women's FIT Workout Jumpsuit impresses with its modern stylish design, sexy open back and functional material

Women's FIT Workout Jumpsuit is perfect for all women who don't want to follow the crowd and are tired of thinking about what top to match with leggings. This piece will solve the problem. It is a sophisticated combination of compression leggings and a tank top with an open back, which fits on the body like a second skin. That way, you don't have to worry about it restricting your movement. Plus, it has reinforcements in the bust area to reliably support your breasts.


A great advantage of the jumpsuit is also its sophisticated functional material, which reliably wicks away sweat and adjusts to the body. It doesn't even need any fasteners, you can easily put it on and it will fit perfectly. Moreover, it is non-see-through, so you can safely do leg workouts involving squats, lunges, and other exercises.


If you're looking for a unique piece for your workouts and other leisure activities, this comfortable and functional jumpsuit is the perfect choice.


The model is 160 cm tall and wearing a size S.


Women's FIT Workout Jumpsuit & its benefits

  • elegant combination of leggings and a top
  • has a sexy cut-out back
  • fits the body perfectly
  • has removable padding
  • reliably wicks away sweat
  • non-see-through
  • flattering to the figure
  • does not restrict movement
  • dries quickly
  • ideal for strength and endurance training



70% nylon, 30% elastane


Size chart

Size XS S M
Front length of the top part 26 cm 26.5 cm 27 cm
Inner seam 64.5 cm 65 cm 65.5 cm
Waist circumference 62 cm 66 cm 70 cm
Hips circumference 66 cm 70 cm 74 cm
Total length 83 cm 84 cm 85 cm


General anthropometric dimensions

Size XS S M
Inner seam  75 cm   76 cm 77 cm
Waist 58-66 cm 67-72 cm 72-80 cm
Hips 81-88 cm 89-96 cm 96-104 cm
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