Climaqx Weight Lifting Belts

Weight Lifting Belts from manufacturer Climaqx or fitness belts serve to strengthen the muscles of the body core and stabilize the performance of some exercises. They should become an essential part of the sports equipment of any athlete and weightlifter that pushes heavy weights. The belt keeps the back muscles, thus reducing the possibility of injury, while supporting the abdominal muscles and almost eliminating injuries such as the hernia. Most of the more advanced athletes, weightlifters and powerlifters are equipped with this exercise equipment.

Benefits of fitness belts

  • strengthen the abdominal and back muscles
  • eliminate injuries
  • help to increase maximum weights for heavy exercises such as squats or deadlifts
  • accelerate the state of maximum muscle tension
  • streamline your performance


Types of exercise belts

Exercise belts, fitness weightlifting and powerlifting belts (weightlifting straps)

Weightlifting belts serve to stabilize and fix the muscles of the body centre, often referred to as an exercise belt. It is made of genuine and durable leather or elastic artificial leather. Of course, the market also offers a nylon finish or a combination of these materials. Thanks to its wide centre, it provides better stabilization of the lower back. Weightlifting belts often have a padded interior and are fastened by a buckle or Velcro. It is mainly used for weightlifting, powerlifting and lifting heavy weights. It is ideal for exercises such as squat variations, deadlift or other weightlifting exercises.


Load belt to increase body weight

The load belt serves to increase body weight by adding weights. It is often made of leather, nylon and is always chained. The chain is passed through the weight, usually a disc, and then clipped to the other side of the belt. The load belt can be used for exercises on the bar or parallel bars.


How to choose the right size of fitness belt?

It is important to know the size of your abdominal belt when choosing the right size of fitness belt. Always measure it over bellybutton, preferably with a tape measure, but never retract your belly when doing it. Belts are numbered in a traditional way: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Then, just check the size table.

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