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Gamechanger Fitness Belt is robust, but at the same time a very light and comfortable exercise belt. High-quality, pleasant material ensures comfort during the entire training session, and the extra-long Velcro fastening, in turn, ensures maximum freedom of movement. Its main task is to protect the spine from injury or overload, and to provide you with the necessary stability when lifting heavy weights.

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Gamechanger Fitness Belt with extra long Velcro fastening for maximum comfort, freedom of movement and back protection during workout

Gamechanger Fitness Belt is a very light, comfortable, but at the same time robust exercise belt. Comfort and maximum freedom of movement are ensured during exercise not only by high-quality, pleasant material, but also by an extra long Velcro fastening. The main task of a fitness belt is to protect your spine from injury and overload. At the same time, however, it provides you with the necessary stability when exercising with heavy weights. In addition to powerlifting, it is perfect for CrossFit.


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Waist circumference 65.5 - 83.5 cm 83.6 - 96.1 cm 96.2 - 102.9 cm over 103 cm
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