Xucker Sauces

Sauces from manufacturer Xucker is a category of products that will bring the taste of every savoury or sweet dish to perfection. In addition, they will also surprise with their high-quality nutritional profile.

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In this category you will find ZERO syrups and dressings that boast minimum calories, contain no sugar or fats and are also perfectly suitable when on a diet. They are divided according to their taste into: 

  • savoury, such as ketchup, caesar or barbecue. These go well with meat, its plant-based alternatives, but are also great for salads or marinade, with an almost irreplaceable role when throwing a barbecue.
  • sweet, which are a healthier alternative to strawberry, chocolate or vanilla syrup. They will therefore perfectly elevate the taste of your pancakes, smoothies, breakfast porridge, curd or cottage cheese, pudding or other desserts.

Sauces from this category are therefore a great choice for preparing full-fledged dishes. Just combine them with pasta, and you can easily conjure up, for example, spaghetti bolognese.

Come and choose from our rich selection of sauces and treat yourself to their perfect taste.

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  1. Ketchup with Erythritol - Xucker
    Ketchup with Erythritol - Xucker
    100 % (15)

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