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Perform Fitness Gloves are made for every athlete looking to give their best. Thanks to their highly durable material, they protect your palms from abrasions and calluses, meaning you can fully focus on your performance, whether it's in lifting weights or working out with a barbell.

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Perform Fitness Gloves - stylish gloves with simple design that will reliably protect your hands from calluses and abrasions

Perform Fitness Gloves are adjusted to the needs of every demanding athlete. They captivate at the first glance with their simplistic dark design decorated with the STRIX logo. The moment you put these on, you'll know there's something special about them. First of all, the inclusion of perfectly comfortable material that will make even a particularly long training session a breeze. They're especially practical thanks to palm area padding, which provides you with a more comfortable grip on barbells and dumbbells. To make sure the gloves stay firmly in their place, they are equipped with a wrist wrap, which provides extra support to the wrist. That's something you are sure to appreciate when performing a variety of crossfit exercises, such as clean and jerk, which puts extra strain on your wrists. No good quality gloves would be complete without an anti-slip palm surface, which is intended to additionally improve your grip.  


All of these features make the gloves more than just a simple layer of protection against calluses and abrasions. They provide extra wrist support and better grip, which contribute to your overall performance, allowing you to lift heavier weights and perform more repetitions. 


Join the elite formed around the STRIX brand and fully express your love for an active lifestyle.  


Perform Fitness Gloves & their advantages

  • made from comfortable and durable material
  • wrist wrap that protects and stabilizes your wrist
  • anti-grip palm surface for better grip on bars 
  • equipped with eyelets that make them easier to take off
  • help protect your palms from calluses and abrasions
  • may help you lift heavier weights and perform more repetitions
  • the dark design with STRIX logo makes them easy to combine with any sports outfit 



40 % microfibre, 40 % neoprene, 15 % lycra, 5 % cotton  


Size Chart

Palm circumference (cm) 16.5-18 18-20 20.5-22 22-23.5 23.5-25
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