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Men's Minimalist Logo T-Shirt is the dream of every minimalist design and first class materials fan come true. It's made from a highly comfortable cotton with an admixture of elastane for added elasticity. All of this makes it ideal for both sports and leisure time activities. 

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Men's Minimalist Logo T-Shirt - a minimalist piece made from cotton and elastane, ideal for sports and leisure  

Men's Minimalist Logo T-Shirt's design epitomizes the back-to-basics attitude, which is the best foundation for every high quality training. It is the dream of every athlete who loves the best quality materials that provide comfort and flexibility. These properties are assured by the combination of cotton and elastane, which produces a material that's also very effective at absorbing and ventilating sweat. The shirt's fine cut will fit your body just right to highlight your hard-earned muscular body


It's ideal for all types of training, as it provides maximum freedom of movement, but you are also sure to appreciate its qualities wearing it during leisure time activities, such as biking, skating or hiking. The material is pleasantly breathable and doesn't crumple. The design sports the stylish NEBBIA brand logo.


Men's Minimalist Logo T-Shirt & its advantages 

  • t-shirt with a minimalist design
  • made from cotton and elastane
  • absorbs and ventilates sweat reliably
  • breathable and comfortable to wear
  • ideal for both training and leisure time activities
  • decorated with the stylish NEBBIA logo



96 % cotton, 4 % elastane


Size Chart

(Dimensions of the body)

Height 163-170 cm 170-178 cm 178-186 cm 186-192 cm
Chest 100-110 cm 110-120 cm 120-130 cm 130-140 cm
Waist circumference 80-86 cm 86-94 cm 94-102 cm 102-110 cm
Hips circumference 90-94 cm 96-104 cm 104-110 cm 110-118 cm
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