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Long Sleeve T-shirt Leisure Black is a stylish men's fitness T-shirt with long sleeves and a grey GymBeam logo. Thanks to its high-quality fabrics, not only it is comfortable to wear, but it will also adjust perfectly to your lean body.

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Leisure Long Sleeve T-Shirt is a high-quality men's T-shirt with long sleeves, perfect for every fitness enthusiast

Leisure Long Sleeve T-Shirt is a fitness T-shirt for men made from high-quality material. Thanks to its 95% content of cotton and 5% of elastane, this T-shirt is comfortable to wear, it will adjust perfectly to your body and accentuate your muscles. Its long sleeves enable you to wear it even in cold weather or during an outdoor workout. A T-shirt with a GymBeam logo will definitely serve as a stylish accessory during your training, but also during a casual wear.


Tričko Long Sleeve T-shirt Leisure Black - GymBeam


Size Chart

Overall length 72 cm 74 cm 76 cm 78 cm 80 cm
Sleeve length 62 cm 63 cm 64 cm 65 cm 66 cm
Chest circumference
92 cm 97 cm 102 cm 107 cm 112 cm
Waist circumference
86 cm 91 cm 96 cm 101 cm 106 cm
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