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Hydrator water bottle with a capacity of 1,89 l will be your favorite companion while traveling or during long and difficult training. It will be appreciated by all athletes who have challenging training and need to be hydrated. Under the cap is a silicone sealing to prevent leakage. Comfortable grip  and drinking is ensured by molded handle.

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Hydrator Water Bottle: fill with 1,89l of water and it will save you during serious and intensive trainings

Hydrator with a capacity of 1,89 l will be your favorite companion on the road, during training or wherever else you need to extinguish your thirst. Drinking regime is of vital importance, and this is twice as important during hot summer days. The human body uses 1,5 liters of water at rest (depending on the outside temperature). So it is always important to drink a lot of water, especially in the summer. General recommendation are at least 2 liters of water a day and up to 3.5 liters during hotter days. You have probably been in a situation when your bottle or shaker with water emptied during increasing temperature in the gym much faster than usually. It can not happen to you with this bottle. 


Hydrator water trunk - GymBeam


Hydrator water bottle with a capacity of 1.89 liters has a molded handle on one side for comfortable grip while drinking. Silicone sealing preventing leakage of fluid from the bottle is directly beneath the cap


Who is the Hydrator made for?

It is great for those, who have a long and difficult training and need to hydrate often. Therefore it's ideal for crossfit, fitness, strongman, streetworkout and other similar sports. Size of 1,89 liters will be undoubtedly appreciated by athletes, hockey players and many other athletes who have very challenging workouts. This water bottle is primarly intended for water, ionic drinks, not so much for protein or other drinks. You should still use a shaker for this purpose.


Hydrator water trunk 1,89 l - GymBeam


Water bottle benefits

  • has a volume of 1,89 liters
  • BPA and DEHP free
  • high quality
  • doesn't leak
  • has an opening for drinking



The bottle is suitable for cold drinks or room temperature drinks. Do not pour warm or hot liquids. It is not recommended to store the bottle in the temperature greater than 50 °C.            

Product detail
EAN 9000004005088
HS code 39249000: - Ostatné
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, Košice 04001, Slovakia
Legal category of the product accessories
Netto weight 0.17 kg
Number of pieces per pallet 552 pc.
Number of pieces per package 24 pc.
Brutto weight 0.17 kg
Length 13.00 cm
Width 13.00 cm
Height 23.00 cm
Product Labels 25wishes
Main category Sports Bottles
Other categories Workout Accessories
Fitness & Exercise Equipment


Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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