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Hydrator Bottle will help you to always keep track of your water intake. The large volume of the bottle will make sure that you don't have to worry about constant refilling. You'll also love the practical carrying handle, leak-proof lid and trendy design. The bottle is suitable for both the gym and the office.

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Hydrator Bottle with a simple yet stylish design will help you to stay hydrated at work, during training and on the go

Hydrator Bottle will reliably take care of your water intake. The capacity of 1.89 litres will provide fewer worries about refilling the bottle, saving your time and ensuring you stay well-hydrated throughout the day. In addition, the larger volume of the bottle can also serve as a perfect reminder and motivation to drink more water or any other beverage, helping you stay on track with your hydration goals


The carrying handle will then make sure that the bottle is comfortable to hold and portable, so you can take it anywhere you go, be it work, the gym, university or just when running errands. The screw lid doesn’t leak and is easy to screw on and off, providing a secure and reliable seal that helps prevent accidental spills or leaks. Last but not least, the bottle boasts a simple design with the GymBeam logo that looks elegant and stylish.


If you find it difficult to drink the necessary amount of fluids during the day or are just looking for a stylish bottle, the Hydrator Bottle will be the ideal choice for you.


Hydrator Bottle & its benefits

  • offers 1.89 litres capacity
  • equipped with a carrying handle
  • has a screw lid that doesn’t leak
  • has a stylish design
  • suitable for work and the gym
  • BPA-free



The bottle is suitable for cold drinks or drinks at room temperature. Do not pour hot or warm liquids into it. Do not wash the bottle in the dishwasher.

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