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Iron Fitness Gloves protect your hands from calluses and abrasions during exercise. They are made from a closely fitting elastic material, and their palm area is equipped with a padded and double stitched surface for extra comfort and durability. Ideal for working out on fitness machinery or with dumbbells, barbells, or on a pull-up bar. 

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Iron Fitness Gloves sport a padded, double-stitched palm area for extra comfort during exercise 

Iron Fitness Gloves will reliably protect your hands during any training. They are made from a sturdy material and sport a double-stitched palm area surface, which prevents your hands from forming calluses, blisters, and abrasions when working out. They are highly comfortable and equipped with a flexible Velcro fastening, which can be adjusted to your needs around the wrist.


Iron Fitness Gloves are the perfect solution, whether you're working out on the pull-up bar, using fitness machines, dumbbells, barbells, or any other exercise equipment. Ideal for use both at home or in your local gym.  


Iron Fitness Gloves & their advantages

  • protect your hands from calluses and abrasions during exercise
  • padded and double-stitching palm area
  • made from a well-fitting elastic material
  • equipped with flexible Velcro fastening
  • ideal for working out at home or your local gym



65 % polyurethane, 25 % nylon, 7 % cotton, 3 % foam


Size Chart

Hand circumference (cm) 14-16 16-18 18-20 20-22


When picking the size, take into consideration that the circumference of your hand may increase while exercising. 

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