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Home Gym Package includes - Push up Bar, Fitness Roller Black, Cross Band Level 3, Fitness Towel - grey, ProAmino Mango-Maracuja, Pro Black Sports Bag, 1.89 liter Bottle hydrator and 20 € Voucher.

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Home Gym Package - a pack of exercise aids, a sports bag, a hydrator, a towel and vouchers

Home Gym Package includes - Push up Bar, Fitness Roller Black, Cross Band Level 3, Fitness Towel - grey, ProAmino Mango-Maracuja, Pro Black Sports Bag, 1.89 litre Bottle hydrator and 20 € Voucher.


Cross Band Level 3 in blue colour is an extremely durable rubber without seams that is ideal for exercise with own weight and functional training. It offers various variants of progressive exercise with a load that is given by material resistance. Rubber resistance is 22-50 kg and ensures rapid improvement in muscle strength


Push up bar is a unique fitness aid that minimizes pressure on joints, shoulders and wrists thanks to its ergonomic shape. By easily changing the position of the support you can always train another muscle part.


Fitness Roller Black is a massage aid to improve overall mobility, increase muscular range, improve balance, and relax stiff muscles. It is made of high-quality foam and a hard-hollow core resistant to mechanical damage. The roller has a 3D massaging surface and a robust, long-lasting construction. This helps reducing the risk of injury, improving regeneration and speeding up recovery from injuries.


Home Gym Package - GymBeam


ProAMINO is an innovative complex of amino acids, 6 vitamins and green energy formula from green tea extract, green coffee and caffeine. This complex contains up to 10.6 grams of amino acids, of which 4 grams are fermented BCAAs that provide effective muscle growth while protecting muscle fibres. It also provides you with energy and helps to burn fat. 


The Pro Black sports bag in black is a great fitness bag with a size of 61x31x32 cm and therefore has a lot of storage space. This bag allows you to store everything you need for fitness, from the towel, through exercise clothes, to nutritional supplements. In addition, it also includes 2 side pockets for wet clothing storage. It has a reinforced shoulder strap with adjustable length.


The 1.89 liter Hydrator bottle will be your favourite companion on the go or during long and demanding training. It is appreciated by all athletes, who have a hard workout and need to replenish fluids. Below the lid, there is a silicone seal that prevents leakage. Convenient holding and drinking is ensured by a pressed handle.


Grey towel for fitness or exercise is made of 100% cotton, which is pleasant to touch. It is very absorbent, has a long usable life, antistatic and antibacterial properties, and, in addition, it is gentle to sensitive skin. This 50x90 cm towel does not serve just for removing sweat but also as the exercise pad.



Food supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of the reach of children!

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