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Flexball is an effective self-massage tool for relaxing strained muscles. It helps improve your regeneration after an intense workout, and is also commonly used as a physical therapy aid and for strengthening wrists. Thanks to its dimensions it is suitable for massaging body parts that are otherwise hard to access. The ball is pleasantly soft, has a smooth surface and helps produce a sense of relaxation.

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Flexball - a practical massage tool with soft surface for relaxing your muscles  

Flexball is a self-massage tool for everyone who loves to relax and doesn't underestimate the process of post-workout regeneration. Using it contributes to your muscle regeneration after a particularly intense workout. It is also commonly used as a physical therapy aid for strengthening wrists after a surgery. Furthermore, it can double as a stress relief aid, and can be generally used for gentle massage and for strengthening of your fingers and hand articulations. It can help you exercise a variety of grips and squeezes, as well as massage your tired palms. Furthermore, it is suitable for massaging and stimulating the blood circulation in your hands, back or feet. This is particularly useful for people with jobs that involve long hours of either sitting or standing, which can produce the sensation of heavy feet. 


Thanks to its smooth surface, Flexball is a great choice for people who do not enjoy using massage hedgehogs and other irregularly shaped massage tools. Its compact dimensions make it suitable for massaging otherwise hard to access body parts. A Flexball massage is pleasant and produces relaxing sensations, since the ball is soft and smooth. These features make it the perfect massage tool not only for athletes, but also for everyone who suffers from stiff back due to sedentary employment. The ball is made from natural rubber with a compact diameter of 6.3 cm, which means it is very easy to store away and carry around. You can take it essentially anywhere you go and enjoy a relaxing massage not only at home, but also while travelling.


Flexball & its advantages 

  • a practical massage tool for relaxing and relieving the tension in your muscles
  • made from natural rubber with smooth surface
  • contributes to your muscle regeneration after an intense workout
  • helps with physical therapy and strengthening of weak wrists
  • diameter of 6.3 cm
  • made from natural rubber
  • perfect for massaging your hands, back or feet
  • helps massage otherwise hard to access body parts
  • it is pleasantly soft and produces relaxing sensations
  • useful for athletes and people who suffer from stiff back
  • light and easy to store
  • easy to carry anywhere you go



Natural rubber

Product detail
Made in China
Product Labels New
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, Košice 04001, Slovakia
Legal category of the product accessories
EAN 8586022219375
HS code 95069190: --- Ostatné
Number of pieces per pallet 1 pc.
Number of pieces per package 80 pc.
Brutto weight 0.16 kg
Length 7.00 cm
Width 7.00 cm
Height 7.00 cm
Main category Foam Rollers & Massagers
Other categories Workout Accessories
New Arrivals
Home Workout
Regeneration Support


Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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