Franz Josef Kaiser Flavourings & Sweeteners

Flavourings & Sweeteners from manufacturer Franz Josef Kaiser is a category of products that are useful for flavouring sweet or salty dishes. Here you can find alternatives to the traditional sugar, calorie-free sweeteners, as well as a wide range of seasonings and low-calorie sauces. These will be appreciated the most by people who keep a close eye on their energy intake or are trying to lose weight. However, all the supporters of a healthy diet and those who like to cook and enhance their dishes will also find something to their liking.

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How can you flavour your dishes in a healthy way?

This category offers popular sweeteners, which you can use in healthy baking, preparing various sweet dishes or sweetening drinks. You can choose between sweeteners from the popular stevia plant or reach for xylitol, which has about 40 % fewer calories compared to traditional sugar. The calorie-free erythritol is included as well. Our offer will also please all the fans of honey, without which many sweet recipes just wouldn't be the same.

If you like to cook, you should also have a look into the seasonings subcategory. It includes, for example, the Pink Himalayan Salt that will underline the taste of any dish. Also, no fan of healthy goodies should lack BIO Ceylon Cinnamon in their pantry. It has a naturally sweet taste and will make your cereal porridge, granola and desserts smell wonderfully. When preparing Asian or Indian dishes, reach for the BIO Turmeric, which is often referred to as a superfood. In case you enjoy spicy dishes, you will definitely put chilli or pepper to good use. However, you can also opt for a unique mixture of spices to take your cooking to the next level.

Are you a fan of sweet and salty sauces or a combination of them? Then we have something for you as well. All kinds of salty dressings and sweet syrups are waiting for you in the subcategory called sauces. In addition to their great taste, they will also surprise you with an excellent nutritional profile. Many of them do not contain added sugar or fat and have only a minimum of calories. They will certainly become a favourite of all those who would like to have a taste of something sweet without added calories, as well as the supporters of a healthy diet.

You can also sweeten or otherwise enhance your dishes by using other flavourings. Sweet desserts, porridges, or drinks will then definitely benefit from the Flavour Powder or Flavor Drops. If you choose to bake, reach for the banana or ginger powder, as these will enrich your dessert with other beneficial substances. Last but not least, you can try nutritional yeast, which has a taste reminiscent of cheese and is ideally suited for salads, sauces, and pasta dishes.

Choose from our wide range of sweeteners, sauces, seasonings and other flavourings to enhance the taste of your dishes. 

If you are interested in how to limit the sugar in your diet and bake healthier, read our article:  How to Make Christmas Baking Healthier. 

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