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BIO Whole Pepper Mix contains a mix of black, white, pink and green pepper of the highest quality. The combination of differently coloured types of this spice creates a unique aroma and a unique taste experience. This freshly ground pepper mix is ideal for flavoring meat, pasta, sauces or vegetable dishes.

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BIO Whole Pepper Mix contains a mix of black, white, pink and green pepper to flavour meat, fish, spreads and other dishes

BIO Whole Pepper Mix contains an aromatic mix of black, white, pink and green pepper, which after grinding offers a unique taste experience. Thanks to the intense spicy taste, it is especially good for flavouring of salty dishes, and thanks to its colour, it is also good for the decoration of your dish. It is one of the popular types of spices that are widely used in the kitchen. Moreover, pepper is ideal for preparing and flavouring meat, fish, spreads, soups, sauces, vegetable or pasta dishes. In addition, it comes from controlled organic farming and does not contain unnecessary additives. It is hand-packed, and you will also appreciate its recyclable eco-packaging.


BIO Whole Pepper Mix & its benefits

  • contains a mix of black, white, pink and green pepper
  • BIO quality
  • no additives
  • has a unique spicy taste
  • suitable for flavouring savoury dishes
  • comes in eco packaging
  • hand-packed



BIO green, pink, black, white pepper (whole).



Store in a closed container in a cool and dry place.

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