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Women’s Fitness Gloves are a stylish gym accessory that will help you protect your hands from any unwanted abrasions and calluses. They’re made from a sturdy material that will easily withstand even the most intense of workouts. You can rely on them when lifting heavy weights, using exercise machinery, or working out on bars. You’ll also no doubt love their modern ladylike design

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Women’s Fitness Gloves sport a modern design, and are made from a sturdy material that will protect your hands at every workout 

Women’s Fitness Gloves offer stylish protection to your hands and provide the perfect compliment to every feminine gym outfit. They’re made from a sturdy material dominated by polyester, thanks to which they reliably protect your hands from any unwanted abrasions or calluses when working out with heavy weights, or on a bar. What’s more, they’ll please you with the high comfort they bring to the table. The soft material perfectly adjusts to the shape of your hand, and ensures maximum wearing comfort at all times. The palm area is padded for extra comfortable grip on weights. Additionally, these gloves will also captivate with their solid Velcro fastening in the wrist area, which is both functional and an interesting design element.


Women’s Fitness Gloves should make for an essential part of every active woman’s strength training equipment. They will protect your hands when working out with a barbell, heavy dumbbells or an exercise machine. Plus, you’ll appreciate them when working out on a pull-up bar, whether in an indoor gym, or on a workout playground outside. 


Fitness Gloves Camo Pink - GymBeam


Women's Fitness Gloves & their benefits

  • reliable hand protection for working out
  • made from sturdy material
  • ensures maximum comfort when exercising
  • equipped with Velcro fastening
  • perfectly fit around your hands, adjusting to their shape
  • padded palm area
  • ideal for strength training



92 % Polyester, 3 % Nylon, 3 % Polyurethane, 2 % PVC


Size chart

Measure the circumference around your hand with fingers slightly bent: 

Size XS S M
Circumference 17-18 cm 18-19 cm 19-20 cm
Length from the bottom to the finger joints 10.5 cm 11 cm 11.5 cm
Entire length from the bottom to the tip of your middle finger 13.5 cm 14.5 cm 15.0 cm
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